Thursday, April 3, 2014

What If Jesus Appeared?

I'll admit I have been horribly lacking in keeping up with my blogging. I miss it. Life has been extremely crazy and busy the last several months (birthday's, holiday festivities, surgeries, not to mention every day school work, cleaning and now running a small hobby business ( for anyone that would like to see what I've been up to).

In the midst of it all, though, I have found that Jesus has been my strength, my guide and has blessed us immensely. As our youngest is now 10 months old (where has the time gone?!?) I find that the demands of the every day are keeping me full to the brim and you know what...I love every minute of it! Admittedly, by the time bed time rolls around, I am MORE than ready for my head to hit the pillow!

As difficult as it has been for this late riser, I have made it a point to start rising early in the mornings to gain some much needed quiet time before my crazy busy day begins. I adore fixing a fresh hot cup of coffee and curling up for Bible reading (which is usually on my phone or iPad because...well...I don't want to flip any lights on and wake anyone. ;) I look forward to this so much now! It's a blessed time of refreshment and I love being able to spend that time with our Creator and bask in the joy of His Word and apply it to my life. He never fails to speak to me through His word.

And just this morning, as I was doing some Bible study, I did get a wee bit sidetracked with my Notes app. I first went there to open a new note to jot down some Scripture passages which then led me to the thought "hmm, I need to delete some of these because it is starting to look like a jumbled mess". I chase rabbits. Lol I'll admit it...I get very sidetracked very easily. Anyone else with me on this?? I know I can't be alone. ;)

Anyway as I was flipping through and deleting notes I came across one that I've been meaning to blog about since last summer. It was a divine conversation between our oldest son and me (he was 9 at the time). I want to share this with you. A simple statement he made sparked a whirlwind of thoughts and stirred my heart. It burdened my heart as well. So now I will share with you the thoughts that were laid on my heart that day. All because it came "out of the mouth of babes".

What if Jesus Appeared?

Our oldest son got me to thinking about this as we sat in a parking lot one day a few months back (technically last summer). It was a normal day, we had made a trip about an hour away and we had stopped so his daddy could go in the store to pick up a few things. All was fairly quiet...well as quiet as can be in an SUV filled with six chuldren. Then I heard our son speak up after noticing he had been staring out the window.

He said, "mama, I think it would be neat if Jesus was here on the Earth like he used to be. But he's not."

This momma will admit that she was taken by complete surprise. He often amazes me with what his mind comes up with and how sporadic his thoughts are. He is one very smart and intelligent child and will be very successful in whatever he chooses to do one day.

After a brief moment of gathering my thoughts I then asked him, "what would you do if Jesus appeared to you?"

He answered with something that may or may not come to your mind...he said,

 "I'd love on him."

Wow. What a powerful yet simplistically beautiful response from a 9 year old boy. (Yes it most definitely brought tears to my eyes)

Imagine. Imagine for a moment if Jesus showed himself to us in the flesh. What kind of reaction would we have? What would our first response be?

Would our reaction be one of shock, disbelief, terror or fear? Or would it be one of sheer joy, exhilaration, excitement and pure happiness?

Would we begin by asking a million questions about why this or why that happened? Would we ask Him to heal us or someone we love or start asking Him to bless us with this, that or the other?


Would we simply fall to our knees and bow before Him, worshipping our Savior...the ONE and only person who ever lived that can save us from our vile and filthy sins? The One who died a horrific death on a cross because He loved us so much?

The One who defeated death and the grave and rose again three days later? All because He loves us?

Would we lay at His feet and just...worship and thank Him?

I can see my son RUNNING to him and throwing his arms around Jesus and loving Him. I could see all of my children doing this. Children love to run to their father's and give them a big ol hug!

 But, if we stop and think for a moment...what would our own personal response be?

Me? I do believe after worshipping at His feet, I would rise and throw my arms around Him for a hug too; and completely melt in the safety and security and eternal love of His embrace. With a tear-stained face I would whisper "thank you, Jesus!" and "I love you, Jesus!" a million times.

What about you? Can you pause for a moment and think about what you would do...if Jesus appeared?

May God Richly Bless You!


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