Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Can We Say...Distractions?

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Ok, so...I have allowed myself to be VERY distracted since my last blog MARCH. :/ Granted, I had a very valid reason:  we delivered our beautiful baby girl on June 1st of this year!!! Needless to say with her birth and recovery, learning to adapt to life with six children and vacationing this summer, my blogging time (and much more importantly) my alone time with God have been to a minimum. I say that last part with a heavy heart. Life gets soooo busy, friends. And boy has God been pricking at my heart lately. He's calling me and beckoning me to come back to our quiet times together.

Finding time for this is definitely a challenge now. Our homeschool year is well underway and teaching 4 children is proving to be quite the balancing act. Add to that keeping our two year old occupied during class and some days end up like a circus!!  Also, our sweet Adalynn just turned 4 months old yesterday so I'm getting a *few* more minutes in the day to get things accomplished. She's more willing to sit in her swing or high chair and chill a bit so mommy can get some work done. ;)

Well, most days.

I'm looking forward to resuming quiet times with my Lord and Savior. I need Him so desperately each and every day. I'm ashamed that I've let myself be so distracted by every day life that I can't even take a few minutes to study in His Word. His Word is like food for our souls and we can't nibble here and there a few days a week and be satisfied. No, we must dive into His Word deeply and fill our spirits with His life-giving "food".

Also I'm looking forward to sharing my thoughts and insights gained from Bible study, but mostly what God is speaking through His Word. I still pray that God would use me and this blog to help strengthen and encourage other fellow sisters in Christ.

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos We all deal with distractions. The fast paced society we live in now is full of them.

Why won't you join me in regaining time alone with God (or deepening your walk with Him) and push aside those things that so easily distract us.

God has rich blessings in store for us and He wants to lavish us with His grace.

May God Richly Bless You!


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